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Who are using Navicast, and why?

Navicast is used by schools and universities, news, entertainment and marketing companies as well as media houses, national public service corporations and many others.

Navicast is not directly targeted at any particular market segment, instead it is targeted att companies and organizations that want to have their own powerful, cost efficient and easy to use video platform.

If you are a zillion dollar media giant you might feel it is best to set up your own in-house internet video department with a few dozen programmers, video experts, IT-wizards and the whole shebang. Navicast can not give you all that.

But if you are not quite in that league yet you probably have a few other things to think about than setting up your own internet video department, and this is where Navicast becomes interesting.

Navicast is designed to consume as little of your valuable time and resources as possible while still providing you with the maximum amount of internet video leverage.

Navicast let's you look just as good as any zillion dollar media giant, without hiring more people and with hardly any training at all.
It let's you have your own personally branded video players, on all major platforms and devices, with your own optional advertising.
Navicast is 100% guaranteed free of all sorts of YouTube advertising, random amateur content, Google adds etc.

But maybe best of all, starting at only €99 per month for a fully hosted, full featured and customizable internet video platform, it is within reach of even the smallest companies and organizations.

We have chosen to highlight a few clients here to give you an idea of how Navicast can be used.