Internet Video Solutions

Navicast Studio

State of the art batch movie compression, publication and management.

Navicast Studio is a cross platform (Mac/Win) application that fully automates the whole video compression and publication process.

Studio provides a truly innovative, streamlined and highly cost-efficient movie publication process, but it will not only let you publish and manage your movies.
Navicast Studio will also let you control all aspects of your internet video platform, manage channels, categories, publishers, view stats, password protect, publish and manage pre-rolls, create image slideshows, scheduling and much more. All with the same ease of use.

Compared to other web-TV providers and solutions like YouTube, Move Networks, Qbrick etc. Navicast Studio reduces the complexity, time and money spent on the movie publication process dramatically.

Navicast Studio delivers an un-matched workflow that lets you publish movies to your web site, web-TV player, mobile-TV player, video RSS-feed and Podcasts with one simple

Video compression is done locally under the hood, using the most modern and efficient codecs available, resulting in gorgeous results. Once compression is complete Studio will automatically publish the compressed movies to the Navicast server and make them available to all your viewers on the web, in iTunes, RSS-feeds, iPhones and other mobile phones etc.

We know, you are probably still not sure...
-Is it really possible to run and manage a global top quality web-TV, mobile-TV and Podcast service from just one easy to use application?
-Doesn´t it at least require 10 different specialized software tools, special training, dedicated compression servers and an in house compression and streaming technology department?


Navicast Studio for Macintosh

System requirements Macintosh
PowerPC G3 (400MHz or faster) or Intel processor
At least 256 MB of RAM
Mac OS X v10.4.10 or later


Navicast Studio for Windows

System requirements Windows
233 MHz Intel Pentium class or better processor
At least 256 MB of RAM
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista
QuickTime 7