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Video & Media Presentation

With global reach, on all major platforms, 24/7-365.

Navicast comes with standard players and interfaces for all major web-browsers and devices, iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android, Podcasts & iTunes, RSS-feeds and digital signage screens. Navicast is an all inclusive solution, there is no need for any special mobile modules, add-on packages or special preparations. All your movies are automatically available to all these devices as soon as they have been published.

At the center of all Navicast video presentation lies the Navicast Output API. 

The Navicast Output API consists of several parts that will let you present your video content in many different ways. It will give you simple things like video RSS-feeds and video Podcasts but it will also let you do much more advanced things like seemless integration with other CMS systems and custom player development through XML, JSON and JSONP.

Download Navicast Output API Documentation