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Digital signage in HD.

Introducing Navicast Presenter

Navicast Presenter is a new application that is designed to do one thing, present your content non stop 24/7-365 on digital signage screens anywhere. Just instal Navicast Presenter on the computer running the screen and you have a very powerful signage and HD-TV system with fully centralized playlist and content management.

Presenter will fetch and cache your Navicast channel- or category-playlists and play them on your screens, non stop, in stunning HD resolution. Whenever new content is published with Navicast Studio, Presenter will automatically fetch it and include it in its playlist.

You can easily control what content different screens should show by sorting it in categories with Navicast Studio, one category for each screen or group of screens. You can also easily set up content scheduling for any particular video, slideshow or slide to control when it is shown on your digital signage screens.

Navicast Presenter will play all Navicast movies, slideshows and slides straight out of the box, but for more advanced layouts you can also attach advanced CSS templates and use dynamic texts. Presenter can even include and present external web pages in its playlist.

Updating dynamic text based information for a signage spot is super easy through a simple web interface and you can also easily add a text based ticker that can be presented at the bottom of each screen.

Don't panic if the network goes down, Navicast Presenter has all your content cached locally and will continue to play it as if nothing happened until the network is back up again.

Contact us or your Navicast representative to find out where to download Navicast Presenter.