Internet Video Solutions

Web-TV Player

The Navicast Player, HTML5 ready!

Navicast comes with a feature rich default player that suites most clients needs. The default player comes in several styles and can also be styled further through custom CSS.

The default player is designed to be flexible, compatible and easy to use. It works in all major browsers as well as on iPhones, iPods, iPads and Android mobile devices.

The default player is built with AJAX technology (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) that communicates with the Navicast system through the Navicast API. 

Download the default Navicast AJAX Player documentation.

Custom players.

Clients with special needs can easily build their own custom players using the Navicast output API and even integrate video playback right in to their own web site.

The widely popular JW Player can be used out of the box with Navicast through the Navicast Podcast or XSPF playlists. All you need to do is feed the Navicast playlists to the JW Player and it will play all your movies without any fuzz.