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Navicast System Support Plan

The Navicast System Support Plan is an annual add-on service designed to give Navicast System license owners, with their own Navicast servers, a simple and safe way to keep their Navicast system and server up to date and in good condition. 

Free Upgrades

The Navicast System Support Plan gives free Navicast upgrades throughout the calendar year. All Navicast system upgrades are free but if hands on work is needed an hourly fee may be charged for the hours spent working on the upgrade.

Priority Support

Navicast Support Plan members get priority support with access to a personal assigned Navicast technician/developer.

 Remote hands on server support and assistance is provided at reduced hourly rates. General usability support through email is provided free of charge (within reason).

Annual Support Plan Fee

The annual fee for the Navicast System Support Plan is, as of 2011, 25% of the Navicast license fee (list price).

Special Deals

Navicast Support Plan members usually get special deals on Navicast related products and services.