Internet Video Solutions

The most easy to use video platform EVER.

Drag and drop publish once, view anywhere.

Navicast lets you easily manage your own web-TV, iPhone-/mobile phone-TV, Podcast, video RSS feed and HD digital signage services. All from one, drag and drop easy, application. Easy enough for kids to use, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of large multinational media houses.

Navicast has been around longer than any other end to end web-TV solution we know of. We have clients that have been running their online TV services non stop with Navicast since 2003. Every movie they have published over all these years are still available for viewing today without any re-compression or re-publication. Others have well over 10.000 movies in their Navicast web-TV channel, all accessible and easily manageable 24/7-365.

No programmers or tech wizards needed.

Internet video can be a technical nightmare that can cost fortunes in terms of servers, developments, tech consultants, experts and staff training. With Navicast this is no longer needed. Navicast is truly powerful, has all the bells and whistles while still being drag and drop easy to use.